VMware vRealize Operations: Self-Driving Operations for Your Data Center

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VMware Self-Driving Operations delivered by vRealize. VMware vRealize Operations 6.7 introduces several new and enhanced performance and capacity optimization capabilities to help customers adopt a ‘self-driving’ approach to operations management. VMware vRealize Operations delivers continuous performance optimization based on operational and business intent, efficient capacity management, proactive planning and intelligent remediation. It provides a unified […]

vROPs powershell module

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If you would like to manage your vROPs using Powershell the following module could be helpful. Quote: PowervROps is a module written for PowerShell that can be used to access various elements of the vRealize Operations Manager API via PowerShell functions. Link: https://github.com/andydvmware/PowervROps

Reference Architecture vRealize Operations Manager 6.5

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During my research about best practices of setting up a vROPs environment I found the following document which provides a guideline for a reference vROPs architecture. “The vRealize Operations Manager Reference Architecture Guide provides recommendations for deployment topology, hardware requirements, and interoperability, and scalability for VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.5.” Link: Reference Architecture vRealize Operations […]

vROPs good blog about vROPs including great dashboards

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I found this awesome blog from Lan Nguyen Senior Consultant working at VMware. On his blog page he provides great vROPs dashboards which are extremely useful for the daily work of an VMware admin like the VM Troubleshooting and the vCenter Overview dashboard.

vROPs How to execute a command on multiple cluster nodes from Master

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If you would like to run a command remotely from the master node on all/only data/only remote collector nodes here is how you can do this. On the master create a SSH key. localhost:~ # ssh-keygen Generating public/private rsa key pair. Enter file in which to save the key (/root/.ssh/id_rsa): Created directory ‘/root/.ssh’. Enter passphrase […]

vROPs initial redirect to vRealize Operations Manager Web UI only working with english as Browser language (2147594)

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Long time no post, I’m busy like hell onsite at my VMware customer. As I’m working as Onsite Senior Technical Support Engineer in VMware GSS. As part of my work I started to create VMware KB articles and my first VMware KB got approved and published now. It’s about VMware vROPs initial redirect issue using […]