Upgrade VMware Data Protection including monitoring

I faced multiple times the issue that the progress bar of the upgrade page of an VDP appliance does not show any status. Therefore I started search for an log file where it is possible to get at least basic upgrade status messages.

During my search I found the VMware KB: 2062947. This KB shows a log file which contains some status messages of the upgrade process.

Location: /usr/local/avamar/var/vdr/server_logs/
Log file name: vdr-configure.log

The log messages are shown mainly in the following format:

[pool-5-thread-5]-scheduler.AviStateMachine: Switching state from INSTALLATION_IN_PROGRESS to INSTALLATION_COMPLETE

I have seen a couple of these messages from failure to sucess.

Status messages:

INSTALLATION_STALLED Upgrade failed see KB 2062947
INSTALLATION_COMPLETE Upgrade successful installed

So you can simple grep for these messages to get at least basic status messages.

tail -200lf /usr/local/avamar/var/vdr/server_logs/vdr-configure.log | egrep -wi --color 'PACKAGES_AVAILABLE|DEPLOYING_PACKAGE|INSTALLATION_IN_PROGRESS|INSTALLATION_STALLED|INSTALLATION_COMPLETE'

I will …

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