Monitor System Logs with Logwatch

Categories: Scripts, Tools, Ubuntu

I’m using the tool Logwatch to get a daily log report from all my servers by email. Install Logwatch: apt-get update apt-get install logwatch Config file: /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf To simplify the access to the config file I use a symlink. cd /etc/logwatch ln -s /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf Configuration (parameters which I have changed): #Output = stdout Output = […]

VMware tools repository

Categories: Virtualisation, VMware, vSphere

You can install the VMware tools using the Wizzard in the vSphere client but this is not the best solution. VMware is offering an repository which you can use to install the VMware tools using your package manager. URL of the repository: Example for Redhat 6 64bit running on ESXi 5.5: cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ vi […]

Update about Proxmox

Categories: HP, Proxmox, Virtualisation

My HP Dl115 G5 is now running Proxmox VE. My first impression is that this is a quite good virtualisation plattform. I have created some virtual machines (OpenVZ using the templates and KVM using a Ubuntu 10.04 iso) which was really easy! In the next days I’m going to run some tests with different configurations. […]

Trying Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud

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trying Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud on a Virtual Machine (Cloud Controller, Walrus, Storage Controller) and a SUN Blade (Node Controller) * Setup done * register Node on Cloud Controller * download a Virtual Machine image * try to start the Virtual Machine –> no success got always the message “pending” * got some strange Error messages […]

Setup a Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud

Categories: Cloud, Eucalyptus, Ubuntu

I’m going to setup a Eucalyptus cloud on my HP ML115 G5. I have installed a additional 160GB S-ATA harddisk. Plan/Idea: * install Ubuntu 9.10 with Eucalyptus Node Controller on ML115 * install Ubuntu 9.10 in a Virtual Machine on my laptop or MacMini including Eucalyptus (Cloud Controller, Walrus etc) * download an install 1 […]