Why I don’t post new things …

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I got the possibility to take over a new role in my company. My old role was Application Manager responsible for cloud like services. Now I become Cloud Solution Manager responsible for the Orchestration Team and a Cloud Management Workstream. I’m completely focused on our internal cloud solution called Vodafone Plex. It’s a very interesting […]

Long time … no post … I’m to busy at work

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It’s now a while that I have posted something new on my page 🙁 but currently I’m extremely busy at work. Setting up multiple new environments based on new / different hardware and in multiple data centre area’s. This is quite interesting because all environments will work together even if they don’t have direct connections […]

I will be offline for some days …

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There will be no post the next days as I’m currently move to a new flat. After this I’m going to re-setup my Homelab and maybe extend it by 1 additional HP ML115 G5 🙂 Cheers hemmi

Nothing done on the weekend :-(

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I was sick at the weekend … currently I regenerate from a flu and a Tinitus which I got last week 🙁 hopefully I can start with the cloud setup mid of this week.

Welcome on xmsoft.de

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Welcome to xmsoft.de. You will find here ideas, scripts, knowledge about virtualization