VMware vSphere 6 available

Today VMware released the new VMware vSphere 6. I was running the Beta for a long time and I must say it was working very good.

VMware vSphere 6
VMware vSphere 6 Whats New

The release of vSphere 6 is already exciting but there is one additional extrem cool new product from VMware called VIO (VMware Integrated OpenStack). It is an fully automated setup of an complete OpenStack environment based on VMware. I will try it asap because I’m playing around with OpenStack since a long time and it is definitely not an easy setup. Additionally as stated on the VMware page “Available for free for all customers with vSphere Enterprise Plus, vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus or vCloud Suite.” it’s included in some of the licenses.

VMware Integrated OpenStack

As soon as I could play around with I will write an article about the complete setup process. …

Why I don’t post new things …

I got the possibility to take over a new role in my company. My old role was Application Manager responsible for cloud like services. Now I become Cloud Solution Manager responsible for the Orchestration Team and a Cloud Management Workstream. I’m completely focused on our internal cloud solution called Vodafone Plex.

It’s a very interesting challenge for me as I’m coming from the operations area and now moving into the management.

Will post more about cloud management and Openstack.…

Openstack with VMware vCenter

Last week I started to play around with Openstack in combination with VMware vCenter. I used Devstack as baseline and configured the VMware support. I wasn’t expecting that it will directly work but it did. The configuration is described in the OpenStack Wiki.
As environment I used 3 HP Dl360 G7 (2xQuad Core, 96GB Memory, 500GB SAN Storage), running VMware vSphere 5.5 with the vCenter appliance.

All in One – Openstack solution from AMD with Canonical

Today AMD and Canonical announced a new awesome out of the box solution for Openstack based on a SeMicro SM15000 and Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and Openstack.

Official Announcement page

AMD-Canonical Out of the Box Solution Details:

SeaMicro SM15000 server provides the following in 10 rack units: Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and OpenStack
3 Cloud Controllers Ubuntu server
57 Nova nodes MAAS
3 Cinder nodes Juju
64 GB Object Storage
128 GbE NICs (Max. 512 possible)
Integrated Layer 2 Switching
80 Gbps I/O
Consume 55 Watts per server


I have started to try out Openstack and I have to say that I’m really impressed. The installation on my HP Microserver was extremely easy using the Devstack script. All looks familiar to AWS and it was no problem at all to create an start the first virtual machine.

That’s it for now … more post will come about Openstack.…