Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express-HD-Dock and SD card adapter for my MacBook Mid 2014

I own a MacBook 13 Retina (Mid 2014) which I use for all my activities around my VMware Homelab. Now it was time to extend and improve the usability.
Therefore I bought a Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express-HD-Dock. This dock reduce the amount of cable which I have to plugin into my MacBook from 5 to 2. So only the power and one thunderbolt cable. I have attached 2 Samsung 27″ LED Full HD screens.

The Belkin dock has massively improved the usability of my complete setup due to the change from the small 13″ Retina screen to 2x Full HD screens.

Additionally I have added a SD card adapter which fit’s perfectly into the SD card slot. This adapter can be used with Micro SD cards up to 128 GB, I use a 64GB SANDisk Class 10. On the SD card I have stored most of my ISO images and …