First testing results …

I have created some virtual machines on my HP Microserver and with 4 powered on VM’s he is running fine. The only problem is the current installed memory 🙁 I have only 4GB, but this will be changed asap. Furthermore I have ordered the HP Microserver Remote Kit … this is something like an small iLO adapter. Hopefully he will arrive tomorrow or latest Saturday. 🙂 I’m going to write an new Post regarding this adapter, after some time of testing.

Does anyone know a way to get an vSphere 5 license which contains more than 60 days just for my Homelab? …

Homelab extension

Yesterday I have ordered the new HP Microserver N40L. This will extend my existing Homelab as second ESXi server.

Hardware specs HP Microserver N40L:

* AMD Turion II Neo N40L (1.5GHz)
* 2GB Memory installed (up to 8GB possible)
* 1x 250GB SATA HDD installed (up to 4 SATA HDD possible)
* Embedded NC107i PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter

Planned upgrades:

* Memory upgrade to 8GB
* replacement/upgrade of Harddisk to 4x 2TB
* HP Microserver Remote Adapter Kit
* SATA/SAS Raid Controller

My existing Homelab:

* 1x HP ML115 G5 AMD Quad Core Opteron
* 8GB Memory
* multiple different Harddisks (2x 3,5″ 160GB; 2x 2,5″ 120GB … )

Currently missing but planned to be ordered:

* Shared Storage based on an Hardware appliance (Qnap, Iomega or equal)
* 2nd HP Microserver…

VMware ESXi 3.5 238493 PSOD on AMD Opteron 8356

We have a major incident in our vSphere Environment on 2 ESXi server running ESXi 3.5 Patch 238493. These servers are HP Dl585 G5 with 4x Quad Core AMD Opteron 8356 and 64 GB Memory.

Everytime VM’s getting migrated to this server using VMotion and DRS the server crashed. I have opened a Support Request on VMware site.

Steps to reproduce:

1. add server (HP Dl585 G5 AMD 8356) to cluster
2. exit maintenance mode
3. set another server in this cluster in maintenance mode
4. VM’s get live migrated to new server
5. after 3 – 14 VM’s the new server crash’s with PSOD
6. cancel maintenance mode on other server to save the environment

I checked our Hardware if there is a HW issue but on/in our Boxes everything is working perfectly.

Currently I test some workarounds to get our environment back stable.

1. Install server with ESXi …

Update about Proxmox

My HP Dl115 G5 is now running Proxmox VE. My first impression is that this is a quite good virtualisation plattform. I have created some virtual machines (OpenVZ using the templates and KVM using a Ubuntu 10.04 iso) which was really easy! In the next days I’m going to run some tests with different configurations. In addition with support of colleague we will create a Proxmox cluster using 2 HP ML servers (ML110,ML115) and a shared iSCSI storage. …

we got our first HP DL380G6

Today we got our first HP DL380G6 server with 2x 2,8GHz Intel Nehalem, 72GB RAM and 2x 146GB Disks. I have successfully installed VMware ESXi 4 on this box. After this I have started the configuration. In the next days I’m going to run some test on this box and hopefully get the 2nd HP Dl380G6. I’m currently working on a PowerShell script to auto config a ESXi server. I will post some code snippets asap.…