Time to replace my Homelab – Part 1

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My current homelab contains 2x HP ML10v2, 1x HP Microserver Gen8 and 2 Switches (1 Mikrotik Cloud Switch 24 Port, Zyxcel 16 Port). This setup was sufficient for a long time. But due to the increased resource requirements of some VMware products and my activities with vROPs, Log Insight and other solutions I require more […]

vCenter notification send push message using Prowl to iOS devices

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I would like to receive push messages for triggered alerts from my vCenter. There is the possibility to execute a command when a alert has been triggered so I decided to write a script which will use Prowl to send push notification to my mobile apple device. I used Prowl already for other devices like […]

Lenovo ix4-300d SSH, root home directory and cronjobs

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Couple of weeks ago I got my hands on 3 Lenovo ix4-300d storage boxes. These boxes are no longer produced and sometimes you can get them really cheap. First I had plans to use them as iSCSI storage for my home lab but the performance is not good enough. Therefore I decided to play around […]

Homelab upgrade and Options to install a SSD into the HP Microserver Gen8

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I started to plan the upgrade my current homelab from 1x HP Microserver Gen8, 2x HP Microserver N40L and a Netgear 24 port switch. The only part which I will keep is the HP Microserver Gen8 it has already 16GB of memory and a HP SmartArray P410 with 512MB Cache module incl. battery. This machine […]

Homelab + ESXi Hostclient

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My Homelab contains currently 2x HP Microserver N40L and one HP Microserver Gen8. The N40L’s are running ESXi 5.5 and the Gen8 is running ESXi 6. That’s my basic setup. Due the fact that I’m only using Apple computers I have searched a long time for an alternative to the vSphere fat client. Since a […]

New HP Microserver NL54

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HP has announced a new version of the nice little Microserver. After the NL36 and NL40 now it is the NL54. The basics are the same the only real improvement is the new CPU which is now running on 2.2Ghz instead of 1.5Ghz. The official memory limit is still 8GB. 🙁 I had expected that […]

2nd Microserver just arrived

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I got my 2nd HP Microserver today including the Remote Access Card. In the next days the memory upgrade of both boxes to 8GB each will arrive too. So that means my private Lab is nearly ready. I just miss the external iSCSI storage but this is currently no issue as I use a freenas […]

Extension of my homelab

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Today I have ordered a Second HP Microserver N40L. Additionally 8GB for my old and the new Microserver and the Remote Access Card. I will create a Cluster with both Micro’s and my ML115 G5 using EVC. This will be enough power to run all my test as preparation for the VCP 5 exam.

HP Microserver Remote Access Kit

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Today I got the HP Microserver Remote Access Kit. This really a cool upgrade for the Microserver! Login Screen: First page: KVM screen: This is really helpfull for initial setup and later troubleshooting.