vRops CLI

Description of image

vRealize Aria Operations CLI

This small tool allows you to search for objects in vRealize Aria Operations from command line.


Download the binary for your operating system


-fqdnFQDN or IP of your vRealize Aria Operations environment
-uvRealize Aria Operations username
-pvRealize Aria Operations password
-authAuthentication provide for example: local
-searchSearch string
-eExtended output of metrics and properties
-iinsecure - no ssl certificate validation for self signed certificates
-dDebug output of the CLI


Short version

1./vrops-cli -u=admin -p=VMware123! -auth=local -fqdn=vrops.your-domain.com -search="vm-name-01"


 1vROPs: vrops.your-domain.com
 2vROPS Resource ID: 13b425da-0615-4734-a123-da852120250c
 3Diskspace: 16.0
 4Memory:  768 MB
 5numCoresPerSocket: 1.0
 6numCPU: 1.0
 7numSockets: 1.0
 8Resource name: vm-name-01
 9Datastore: vmware01-100
10Datastore: NFS-Cluster
11MoID: vm-67063
12Cluster: Dell-Cluster
13Datacenter: Homelab
15vCenter: vcsa.your-domain.com
16Connection State: connected
17PowerState: Powered On

Extended version

1./vrops-cli -u=admin -p=VMware123! -auth=local -fqdn=vrops.your-domain.com -search="vm-name-01" -e


 1vROPs: vrops.your-domain.com
 2vROPS Resource ID: 13b425da-0615-4734-a123-da852120250c
 3Limit: -1.0
 4Reservation: 0.0
 5Shares: 2000.0
 6Createdate: 1.597736620472E12
 7Mem_hotadd: false
 8Vcpu_hotadd: false
 9Vcpu_hotremove: false
10Guestfullname: Ubuntu Linux (64-bit)
11Diskspace: 16.0
12Memorykb: 786432.0
13Numcorespersocket: 1.0
14Numcpu: 1.0
15Numsockets: 1.0
16Limit: -1.0
17Reservation: 0.0
18Shares: 15360.0
19Name: vm-name-01
20Numrdms: 0.0
21Numvmdks: 1.0
22Numvmdksonly: 1.0
23Version: vmx-14
24Limit: -1.0
25Reservation: 0.0
26Speed: 3.504000065E9
27Authenticationstatus: Failure
28Discoverymethod: Guest Alias
29Servicediscoverystatus: Failure
30Guestosmemnotcollecting: 0.0
31Host_limit: -1.0
33Mac_address: 00:50:56:99:1a:59
34Memorycap: 786432.0
35Protectiongroup: N/A
36Recoveryplans: N/A
37Issrmplaceholder: false
38Istemplate: false
39Numethernetcards: 1.0
40Type: default
41Datastore: vmware01-100
42Datastoreclusters: NFS-Cluster
44Fullname: Ubuntu Linux (64-bit)
45Guestfamily: linuxGuest
46Hostname: vm-name-01
48Toolsrunningstatus: Guest Tools Running
49Toolsversion: 11360
50Toolsversionstatus2: Guest Tools Unmanaged
51Moid: vm-67063
52Parentcluster: Dell-Cluster
53Parentdatacenter: Homelab
54Parentfolder: vm
56Parentvcenter: vcsa.your-domain.com
57Connectionstate: connected
58Isidle: 0.0
59Powerstate: Powered On
60Smbiosuuid: 4219275d-66ce-1aa0-0238-713ffca11257
61Tag: none
62Tagjson: none
63Uuid: 50198bd4-5b94-698a-3854-8383bd4c6035
64Resource_kind_subtype: GENERAL
65Resource_kind_type: GENERAL
66Configuredgb: 16.0
67Datastore: vmware01-100
68Isrdm: false
69Label: Hard disk 1
70Provisioning_type: Thin Provision