vROPs Cluster VM Troubleshooting dashboard

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To simplify the troubleshooting of performance issues with VMs I have created a vROPs dashboard which give you a highlevel overview about Cluster, ESXi and Virtual machine metrics.

You can download the dashboard here. I have tested the dashboard with vROPs 8.5 and 8.6.

The dashboard contains 2 sections.

The first section starts with the cluster. You select the cluster (you can search the cluster using the search field at the top). As soon as you have selected the cluster the next widget with the ESXi hosts gets updated with the hosts of this cluster. Additionally the basic resource information of the cluster is also updated. Next step is to select the ESXi host and afterwards the corresponding virtual machine. Both will update the widgets below to show performance metrics.

The second section is just a virtual machnine list of all VMs in your environment. Please use the filter field to search for the VM and select it. The widgets to the right will be updated according to your selection.