Quicktip: Use a template to create VMware Support Requests.

You might have noticed that when you open a VMware SR most of the time you get questions about product versions, timestamps, logs, Skyline Org. Over the last 5 years I use the template below with my customer and it has reduced the amount of questions and therefore speed up the resolution of SRs.

Disclaimer: This is not an official VMware SR template. You are free to use it as it will help VMware Support to better understand your problem and speed up the resolution.

 2[Problem Description]
 31. Describe the specific problem symptoms:
 42. What VMware products (list including Version and Build numbers) are impacted by the issue?
 53. When was the problem first observed (Date/Time/Timezone)?
 64. When was the problem most recently observed (Date/Time/Timezone)?
 75. Describe the recurrence pattern for the problem if existing:
 86. What was the customer doing when the problem was observed?
 97. List FQDN and IP for each impacted device:
12[Product and Environment Information]
131. Environment Name:
142. Skyline enabled (yes/no)and link to ?
153. Skyline ORG Name or Collector ID?
164. What type of environment is impacted?
175. What is the Business Impact?
20[Problem Troubleshooting]
211. What investigation has been conducted by the customer (give a full report)?
222. If a workaround has been attempted, describe the steps and outcome:
25[Contact Information] [Provide the details for ALL primary contacts for this ticket. Enter the contact details to the correct fields when logging the ticket.]
261. Engineer name:
272. Engineer phone number:
283. Engineer email address:
294. What times is the Engineer available to work on the issue (Time/Timezone) ?
32[Ask to VMware Support]
331. What specific request is made of VMware Support?