Upgrade VMware Data Protection including monitoring

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I faced multiple times the issue that the progress bar of the upgrade page of an VDP appliance does not show any status. Therefore I started search for an log file where it is possible to get at least basic upgrade status messages. During my search I found the VMware KB: 2062947. This KB shows […]

vCenter Appliance Webclient HTML5 consoles

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I use the vCenter appliance as console proxy to access virtual machine consoles using HTML5 without a direct connection to the ESXi hosts. In vSphere 5.1 this was possible with a hidden configuration in the webclient.properties file. This configuration has changed in vSphere 5.5 and is now official available. /var/lib/vmware/vsphere-client/webclient.properties html.console.enabled = TRUE html.console.port.ssl = […]

VMware tools repository

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You can install the VMware tools using the Wizzard in the vSphere client but this is not the best solution. VMware is offering an repository which you can use to install the VMware tools using your package manager. URL of the repository: http://packages.vmware.com/tools/esx/5.5/index.html Example for Redhat 6 64bit running on ESXi 5.5: cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ vi […]

HTML5 Client for SSH, VNC and RDP

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If you run machines in a cloud or in a restriced environment where direct ssh is a security risk it could be a good way forward to use a HTML5 based solution. Guacamole is such an solution. It is a clientless remote access system. It is just required to install Tomcat to run the web […]

vSphere WebClient next to the vCenter

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Normally VMware offers only the WebClient as standalone on Windows but there is a nice way to run the Webclient on linux and save the license costs for the Windows machine. Install your Windows vCenter including SSO. As next step you import the vCenter Appliance and configure the SSO to use the existing SSO of […]

Arduino DUE + ESP-05 + Thingspeak

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I’m currently experimenting with Arduino and Wifi modules like the ESP8266. Below you can find a working example where the Arduino DUE measures the temperature using a Dallas DS18B20 and uploads the temperature using a ESP-05 to my local Thingspeak server. What do you need: 1x Arduino Due 1x Dallas 18B20 1x 4,7 kohm Resistor […]

VM unable to unmount VMware tools iso

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I faced multiple times the issue that after the installation of VMware tools the iso has not been clean unmounted. This can prevent virtual machine from live migration by VMotion. Mostly the root cause is related to the fact that the “eject” command is missing in the guest operating system. So to fix you could […]

Why I don’t post new things …

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I got the possibility to take over a new role in my company. My old role was Application Manager responsible for cloud like services. Now I become Cloud Solution Manager responsible for the Orchestration Team and a Cloud Management Workstream. I’m completely focused on our internal cloud solution called Vodafone Plex. It’s a very interesting […]