VMware Datarecovery Kernel Panic possible solution

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Since May ( Post ) I was facing multiple Kernel panic’s in my VDR appliance. Now I got something like a fix which is running quite smooth in my environment. Steps: 1. Deploy a new VDR 2.0 appliance 2. SSH in or log into the console (root/vmw@re) 3. Install this kernel. rpm -i http://elrepo.org/linux/kernel/el5/x86_64/RPMS/kernel-ml-2.6.39-4.1.el5.elrepo.x86_64.rpm 4. […]

VMware DataRecovery Kernel Panics

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I’m currently facing an problem with my vdr that it runs into a kernel panic. It looks like an issue with the hot add function which add’s vmdks from virtual machines. The response from vmware was to set to parameters in the datarecovery.ini file. Location: /var/vmware/datarecovery/datarecovery.ini If the file doesn’t exist you can create it. […]

long time no post … :-(

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I’m very busy at work as we are currently in major reorganisation. Personal for myself everything has changed. I’m now in a new department including a new boss and new responsibilities. But now everything settles and I have time for new stuff like my preparation for the VCP 5 exam. 🙂 As preparation I have […]

VDR 2.0 Memory Upgrade to 4GB

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It is supported by VMware to run the VDR 2.0 with 4GB memory. This will reduce the swap usage a lot. Hopefully this will help to stabilize the Backup System.

Memory leak in VDR 2.0

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Yes there is a memory leak in the current Version of VDR 2.0. After some days the VDR crash’s with the Message “Out of Memory”. Get PID of datarecovery process ps -ef | grep datarecovery Check with pmap to display information about the address space of a process pmap -x PID Search for “anon” messages. […]