New VMware Configuration Maximum Tool

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VMware has retired the traditional Configuration Maximums Guides in pdf form. For vSphere 6.7 Maximums you will need to visit the new online tool: This tool has vSphere 6.0 to 6.7. It is a dynamic tool allowing to isolate component maximums, compare maximums, and export out maximums.


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VMware has released a new White paper about ESXi IP storage troubleshooting. In this paper, we: • Describe how you can analyze packet traces to identify functional and performance issues in an ESX IP storage environment. • Compare packet capture alternatives, and explain why we recommend an inline optical network tap connected to a packet […]

Storage and Availability Technical Documents

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VMware Whitepapers about Storage and Availability. vMSC Best Practices –!/vsphere-storage/vmware-vsphere-r-metro-storage-cluster-recommended-practices vSphere APIs for IO Filtering –!/vsphere-storage/vmware-vsphere-apis-for-i-o-filtering-vaio VMFS –!/vsphere-storage/vmware-vsphere-vmfs VAAI –!/vsphere-storage/vmware-vsphere-apis-array-integration-vaai-1 iSCSI –!/vsphere-storage/best-practices-for-running-vmware-vsphere-on-iscsi