Homelab considerations for vSphere 7

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Homelab considerations for vSphere 7 With the vSphere 7 Launch Event just a few days away, I know many of you are eager to get your hands on this latest release of vSphere and start playing with it in you homelab. A number of folks in the VMware community have already started covering some of […]

vSphere 7 – Announcing General Availability of…

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vSphere 7 – Announcing General Availability of the New Generation of vSphere vSphere 7 – Announcing General Availability of… vSphere 7 The new generation of vSphere for existing enterprise apps. Available in two editions. VMware vSphere 7, the new generation of vSphere, is now generally available. This major new release brings a massive improvement in […]

How to Get vSphere with Kubernetes

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How to Get vSphere with Kubernetes How to Get vSphere with Kubernetes We’re very excited to announce the general availability of vSphere 7 today! It caps off a massive across-the-board effort by the many engineering teams within VMware. We have built a ton of new capabilities into vSphere 7, including drastically improved lifecycle management, many […]

vSAN 7 is Generally Available

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vSAN 7 is Generally Available vSAN 7 is Generally Available vSAN is the cornerstone for VMware Cloud Foundation that provides the best-in-class platform for running any workload on-premises or in the cloud. vSAN 7 accelerates data center modernization and makes it easy to standardize on a single storage operational model with three new capabilities: simpler […]

Photon OS rsyslog send to Syslog Server – Quick Guide

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Requirements: * Photon OS based virtual machine * VMware vRealize Log Insight or any other Syslog server Configuration of Photon OS: Install rsyslog tdnf install rsyslog Extend /etc/rsyslog.conf with Syslog Server target replace the following line: *.* @@remote-host:514 with for example (syslog.local is the IP or name of your syslog server): *.* @@syslog.local:514 restart rsyslog […]

vSphere 7 – vMotion Enhancements

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vSphere 7 – vMotion Enhancements vSphere 7 – vMotion Enhancements The vSphere vMotion feature enables customers to live-migrate workloads from source to destination ESXi hosts. Over time, we have developed vMotion to support new technologies. The vSphere 7 release is no exception to that, as we greatly improved the vMotion feature. The vMotion enhancements in […]

Create snapshot including memory on ESXi command line

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Today I have been asked how to create a snapshot directly on the ESXi host using vim-cmd including virtual machine memory. Quick example from my lab: Get the VMID of the virtual machine [root@esxi:~] vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms Sample output: Create snapshot including memory [root@esxi:~] vim-cmd vmsvc/snapshot.create 124 “SnapshotName” “Snapshot Description” true true Create Snapshot: [root@esxi:~] Result: […]

VMware Cloud on AWS: New Course about How to Deploy and Manage

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Found this new VMware training course about How to Deploy and Manage VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy and Manage Overview: This three-day course teaches you skills for deploying and managing a VMware Cloud™ on AWS infrastructure. Through a mix of 85% lecture and 15% hands-on labs, you deploy and manage the […]

Free ebook – Accelerating Digital Transformation with Containers and Kubernetes

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From the book: Container technology can help transform a company into a digital enterprise focused on delivering innovations at the speed of business. Containers package applications and their dependencies into a distributable image that can run almost anywhere, streamlining the development and deployment of software. By adopting containers, organizations can take a vital step toward […]

Free ebook – Cloud Management For Dummies

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Content of the ebook: Companies in all industries are responding to new opportunities to leverage big data and mobility to improve service and increase productivity. For IT teams, the switch to digitally driven business has big implications. Download this book to learn how to meet these cloud-driven challenges, including: Lifecycle management from deployment to maintenance […]