Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express-HD-Dock and SD card adapter for my MacBook Mid 2014

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I own a MacBook 13 Retina (Mid 2014) which I use for all my activities around my VMware Homelab. Now it was time to extend and improve the usability. Therefore I bought a Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express-HD-Dock. This dock reduce the amount of cable which I have to plugin into my MacBook from 5 to […]

Homelab upgrade and Options to install a SSD into the HP Microserver Gen8

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I started to plan the upgrade my current homelab from 1x HP Microserver Gen8, 2x HP Microserver N40L and a Netgear 24 port switch. The only part which I will keep is the HP Microserver Gen8 it has already 16GB of memory and a HP SmartArray P410 with 512MB Cache module incl. battery. This machine […]

vCenter Appliance Webclient HTML5 consoles

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I use the vCenter appliance as console proxy to access virtual machine consoles using HTML5 without a direct connection to the ESXi hosts. In vSphere 5.1 this was possible with a hidden configuration in the file. This configuration has changed in vSphere 5.5 and is now official available. /var/lib/vmware/vsphere-client/ html.console.enabled = TRUE html.console.port.ssl = […]

Again long time no post …

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Sorry for long time not posting new stuff. I was extremely busy at work which ended in a long phase of sickness. But now it starts changing got new tasks and responsibilities in the companies cloud area. It’s the management of an internal Amazon like cloud. Real interesting topics with a lot of new challenges. […]

Memory leak in VDR 2.0

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Yes there is a memory leak in the current Version of VDR 2.0. After some days the VDR crash’s with the Message “Out of Memory”. Get PID of datarecovery process ps -ef | grep datarecovery Check with pmap to display information about the address space of a process pmap -x PID Search for “anon” messages. […]

60% back online …

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After a long night round about 60% of my environment is back online. I’m still facing issues especially with my homepage, because the backup of my appliance was defect. That is the reason why I have now a new design. The new look and feel will be slightly changed in some days to better re-present […]

New content will follow soon …

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As you can imagine I’m currently busy in restoring as much data as possible. Therefore it will take some time until the next new post at this site. Additionally I’m working on an new bullet proof backup concept for my virtual environment.