Gitlab replacement in Go – gogs

In my past job and for my own scripts I used gitlab as repository. Most of the time it was running fine and the functionalities are also ok. But from time to time I faced problems in updating gitlab from the repository (on Ubuntu). The process to reconfigure gitlab was failing often due to issues with postgresql.

Therefore I started to search for an alternative to gitlab. I prefer to run my own server therefore github is out of scope. A short google search pointed to a git repository server written in GO.

Features (Source: Github gogs)

* Activity timeline
* SSH and HTTP/HTTPS protocols
* SMTP/LDAP/Reverse proxy authentication
* Reverse proxy with sub-path
* Account/Organization/Repository management
* Add/Remove repository collaborators
* Repository/Organization webhooks (including Slack)
* Repository Git hooks/deploy keys
* Repository issues, pull requests and wiki
* Migrate and mirror repository and its wiki
* Web …

Monitor System Logs with Logwatch

I’m using the tool Logwatch to get a daily log report from all my servers by email.

Install Logwatch:

apt-get update
apt-get install logwatch

Config file:


To simplify the access to the config file I use a symlink.

cd /etc/logwatch
ln -s /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf

Configuration (parameters which I have changed):

#Output = stdout
Output = mail
#To make Html the default formatting Format = html
Format = html


crontab -e
30 0 * * * /usr/sbin/logwatch

Based on this configuration you will receive a nice daily overview report.…

All in One – Openstack solution from AMD with Canonical

Today AMD and Canonical announced a new awesome out of the box solution for Openstack based on a SeMicro SM15000 and Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and Openstack.

Official Announcement page

AMD-Canonical Out of the Box Solution Details:

SeaMicro SM15000 server provides the following in 10 rack units: Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and OpenStack
3 Cloud Controllers Ubuntu server
57 Nova nodes MAAS
3 Cinder nodes Juju
64 GB Object Storage
128 GbE NICs (Max. 512 possible)
Integrated Layer 2 Switching
80 Gbps I/O
Consume 55 Watts per server

Trying Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud

trying Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud on a Virtual Machine (Cloud Controller, Walrus, Storage Controller) and a SUN Blade (Node Controller)

* Setup done
* register Node on Cloud Controller
* download a Virtual Machine image
* try to start the Virtual Machine –no success got always the message “pending”
* got some strange Error messages on the node controller –under investigation

further information will follow soon 🙂…

Setup a Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud

I’m going to setup a Eucalyptus cloud on my HP ML115 G5. I have installed a additional 160GB S-ATA harddisk.

* install Ubuntu 9.10 with Eucalyptus Node Controller on ML115
* install Ubuntu 9.10 in a Virtual Machine on my laptop or MacMini including Eucalyptus (Cloud Controller, Walrus etc)
* download an install 1 virtual machine
* start the virtual machine and install a webserver in it

I think this should be enough for 1 weekend and I have some time left for my Girlfriend 🙂…