Monitor System Logs with Logwatch

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I’m using the tool Logwatch to get a daily log report from all my servers by email. Install Logwatch: apt-get update apt-get install logwatch Config file: /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf To simplify the access to the config file I use a symlink. cd /etc/logwatch ln -s /usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf Configuration (parameters which I have changed): #Output = stdout Output = […]

HTML5 Client for SSH, VNC and RDP

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If you run machines in a cloud or in a restriced environment where direct ssh is a security risk it could be a good way forward to use a HTML5 based solution. Guacamole is such an solution. It is a clientless remote access system. It is just required to install Tomcat to run the web […]

Shell in a web browser

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This is really good tool to access an linux appliance located in an environment which only allow’s http/https. It is a small daemon which runs in the background on port 4200. It is possible to setup an reverse proxy based on apache2 to access shell in a box via http/https. Shell in a Box

VManage – Iphone App

Categories: ESXi, Tools, Virtualisation, VMware, vSphere

I found a very good iphone app to manage a vmware environment. This app is called vmanage and is available for 2.39€ which is quite cheap. You have to configure your vCenter or ESXi server in the following way. Start testing … if you need a VPN connection start this first and after you have […]

VMware Support toolbar

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Richard from VMware provided me with this link to a nice helpful toolbar for FF/IE. This toolbar gives you instant access to documentation, patches, live peer to peer chat and more. Special thanks to Richard! 🙂

new Tool Putty Connection Manager

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I found a cool tool to run multiple putty instances in 1 window and this tool is able to send 1 command to all open sessions. Putty Connection Manager