Trying Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud

trying Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud on a Virtual Machine (Cloud Controller, Walrus, Storage Controller) and a SUN Blade (Node Controller)

* Setup done
* register Node on Cloud Controller
* download a Virtual Machine image
* try to start the Virtual Machine –no success got always the message “pending”
* got some strange Error messages on the node controller –under investigation

further information will follow soon 🙂…

Setup a Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud

I’m going to setup a Eucalyptus cloud on my HP ML115 G5. I have installed a additional 160GB S-ATA harddisk.

* install Ubuntu 9.10 with Eucalyptus Node Controller on ML115
* install Ubuntu 9.10 in a Virtual Machine on my laptop or MacMini including Eucalyptus (Cloud Controller, Walrus etc)
* download an install 1 virtual machine
* start the virtual machine and install a webserver in it

I think this should be enough for 1 weekend and I have some time left for my Girlfriend 🙂…