VMware has released a new White paper about ESXi IP storage troubleshooting.

In this paper, we:
• Describe how you can analyze packet traces to identify functional and performance issues in an
ESX IP storage environment.
• Compare packet capture alternatives, and explain why we recommend an inline optical network
tap connected to a packet capture system.
• Present the challenges of 10G packet capture, and describe key features of commercial 10G
capture solutions.
• Describe the design of an inexpensive, self-assembled 10G packet capture solution optimized for
troubleshooting that you can build relatively easily. We also describe our experience with multiple
prototypes of this design, which we have used in our ESX IP storage testbeds for NFS and iSCSI
performance for many years.
• Present examples of analyzing packet traces to solve ESX performance issues for NFSv41, software
iSCSI over IPv6, and hardware iSCSI.


Performance of Enterprise Web Applications in Docker Containers on VMware vSphere 6.5

“In this paper, we explore the performance characteristics of a large enterprise web application running in
Docker containers deployed in VMware vSphere 6.5 virtual machines (VMs). In order to put the performance of
this deployment choice into context, we compare its performance to that of the same application running both
in vSphere 6.5 VMs without Docker containers and in Docker containers on an operating system (OS) running
directly on the bare-metal server. We also look at the performance impact of some common configuration
options in order to better understand the performance differences among these three configurations.”

Performance of Enterprise Web Applications in Docker Containers on VMware vSphere 6.5