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VMware Datarecovery Kernel Panic possible solution

Since May ( Post ) I was facing multiple Kernel panic’s in my VDR appliance. Now I got something like a fix which is running quite smooth in my environment. Steps: 1. Deploy a new VDR 2.0 appliance 2. SSH in or log into the console (root/vmw@re) 3. Install this kernel. rpm -i 4. […]

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VDR 2.0 Memory Upgrade to 4GB

It is supported by VMware to run the VDR 2.0 with 4GB memory. This will reduce the swap usage a lot. Hopefully this will help to stabilize the Backup System.

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Memory leak in VDR 2.0

Yes there is a memory leak in the current Version of VDR 2.0. After some days the VDR crash’s with the Message “Out of Memory”. Get PID of datarecovery process ps -ef | grep datarecovery Check with pmap to display information about the address space of a process pmap -x PID Search for “anon” messages. […]