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Whats new in vSphere 6.7 VAMI: Backup

The backup in the VAMI now contains a scheduler including retention policy: Example configuration: How it looks with multiple backups:

VAMI VCSA Virtualisation VMware Whats new

Whats new in vSphere 6.7 VAMI: Syslog

Now you can configure up to 3 Syslog servers in the VAMI to receive the vCenter logs: Click on configure: Supported protocols:

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vSphere 6.5 U1 released

VMware has released vSphere 6.5 U1 Release notes: vsphere-esxi-651-release-notes vsphere-vcenter-server-651-release-notes

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vCenter notification send push message using Prowl to iOS devices

I would like to receive push messages for triggered alerts from my vCenter. There is the possibility to execute a command when a alert has been triggered so I decided to write a script which will use Prowl to send push notification to my mobile apple device. I used Prowl already for other devices like […]

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Homelab the current state

It’s time for a new update about my new Homelab. In the past I was running HP Microserver 2x N40L and 1x Gen8. All these machines are still here but no longer in use and will be for sale soon. My new Homelab contains now 2x HP ML10v2, 1x Zyxel 16 Gbit Switch, 1x Lenovo […]

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Alternative Setup of a VMware Homelab

My planed new Homelab requires a lot of space due to the fact of the size of the components. But what if someone would like to have a Homelab but does not have the space in the office. One option would be to run a fully virtualized Homelab but this is limited to the resources […]

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How to configure VMware monitoring in Check_MK

Check_MK is able to monitor ESXi or vCenter out of the box. The configuration requires 2 steps and preferred a read only user. 1. Login to Check_MK 2. Create new Host Hostname: ESXi/vCenter Name or fqdn IP Address: ESXi/vCenter Management IP Save & Go to Services The error message is normal and we can ignore […]

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VMware vSphere 6 available

Today VMware released the new VMware vSphere 6. I was running the Beta for a long time and I must say it was working very good. VMware vSphere 6 VMware vSphere 6 Whats New The release of vSphere 6 is already exciting but there is one additional extrem cool new product from VMware called VIO […]

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vSphere WebClient next to the vCenter

Normally VMware offers only the WebClient as standalone on Windows but there is a nice way to run the Webclient on linux and save the license costs for the Windows machine. Install your Windows vCenter including SSO. As next step you import the vCenter Appliance and configure the SSO to use the existing SSO of […]