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vROps log bundle automation Part 1

In my role as an onsite GSS Senior TSE at a large VMware customer in Germany I have to collect vROPs log bundles multiple times a week. As this is time consuming manual process I have created a script in my spare-time which fully automates this task. The script triggers the creation of a log […]

Cloud Guacamole Tools

HTML5 Client for SSH, VNC and RDP

If you run machines in a cloud or in a restriced environment where direct ssh is a security risk it could be a good way forward to use a HTML5 based solution. Guacamole is such an solution. It is a clientless remote access system. It is just required to install Tomcat to run the web […]

PowerShell Tools

New Version of vEcoShell released

There is a new release of the powerful vEcoshell available. vEcoShell

ESXi Tools Virtualisation VMware vSphere

VManage – Iphone App

I found a very good iphone app to manage a vmware environment. This app is called vmanage and is available for 2.39€ which is quite cheap. You have to configure your vCenter or ESXi server in the following way. Start testing … if you need a VPN connection start this first and after you have […]


new Tool Putty Connection Manager

I found a cool tool to run multiple putty instances in 1 window and this tool is able to send 1 command to all open sessions. Putty Connection Manager