VAMI VCSA Virtualisation VMware vSphere Whats new

Whats new in vSphere 6.7 VAMI: Backup

The backup in the VAMI now contains a scheduler including retention policy: Example configuration: How it looks with multiple backups:

VAMI VCSA Virtualisation VMware Whats new

Whats new in vSphere 6.7 VAMI: Syslog

Now you can configure up to 3 Syslog servers in the VAMI to receive the vCenter logs: Click on configure: Supported protocols:

ESXi Homelab HP Ideas Patches Virtualisation VMware vSphere

Homelab the current state

It’s time for a new update about my new Homelab. In the past I was running HP Microserver 2x N40L and 1x Gen8. All these machines are still here but no longer in use and will be for sale soon. My new Homelab contains now 2x HP ML10v2, 1x Zyxel 16 Gbit Switch, 1x Lenovo […]

VDP VMware vSphere

VDP increase memory to 8GB per VDP appliance

If you are facing issues with failed VDP backups try to increase the memory of the VDP appliances to 8GB. In my environment this has improved the situation. Still issues but 50% less.

Personal Virtualisation

Virtual appliances

I tried a lot of “appliance” but the most of them are not appliance. Always the same stuff, they virtualize a server and call it virtual appliance. There is no menu to configure the network and so on. Just an virtual machine with an full OS and an application. A real virtual appliance has an […]

CentOS Software Management

OpenSource RedHat Satellite Server – Spacewalk

I found this software during my search for a management solution for a virtual appliance farm running hundreds of CentOS based virtual machines. As CentOS is binary compatible to RedHat it makes sense to use a RedHat satellite server equivalent for software management. Spacewalk is an open source (GPLv2) Linux systems management solution. It is […]

ESXi HP PSOD Virtualisation VMware vSphere

Root cause for our PSOD – VRAM settings

We found the root cause for our PSOD. VMs with a VRAM setting higher then 30MB. VMware KB: 1011971 Workaround: – find all virtual machines with VRAM settings higher then 30MB – shutdown these VMs and reconfigure the VRAM settings (

Virtualisation VMware vSphere

VMware vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) tutorial

I found the following side about the vCO. They have created a very good tutorial to create a simple self service workflow. I’m going to setup a vCO in the next days. After this I will create a self service workflow to request virtual reverse proxy appliances.

HP Proxmox Virtualisation

Update about Proxmox

My HP Dl115 G5 is now running Proxmox VE. My first impression is that this is a quite good virtualisation plattform. I have created some virtual machines (OpenVZ using the templates and KVM using a Ubuntu 10.04 iso) which was really easy! In the next days I’m going to run some tests with different configurations. […]

ESXi Ideas PowerShell Scripts VMware

Setup a Windows XP appliance …

Currently I setup a Windows XP appliance which I would like to use for a new way to manage a VMware ESXi plattform. A colleague had this idea to create an interface to manage ESXi free server’s from any kind of CMS. Some details: OS: Windows XP Software: Apache, PHP, Powershell, VMware PowerCLI, JSON for […]