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Setup a Windows XP appliance …

Currently I setup a Windows XP appliance which I would like to use for a new way to manage a VMware ESXi plattform. A colleague had this idea to create an interface to manage ESXi free server’s from any kind of CMS. Some details: OS: Windows XP Software: Apache, PHP, Powershell, VMware PowerCLI, JSON for […]

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My Homelab is up and running *g*

My private Homelab is up and running :-) Server: HP ML115 G5 CPU: AMD Quad Core 2,2 GHz RAM: 8GB Memory HDD: 2x 160GB Sata OS: VMware ESXi free


Count VM’s on ESX host

This one-liner will count all VM’s on a ESX host Get-VMHost -Server | Select Name,@{N=”NumVM”;E={($_ |Get-VM -Server | where {$_.PowerState -eq “PoweredOn”}).Count}} Coding for usage with the VESI: $noConnection = $true if ($global:vmwareManagedHosts) { foreach ($key in @($global:vmwareManagedHosts.Keys)) { if (($managedHost = $global:vmwareManagedHosts[$key]) -and ($managedHost.Connected)) { $noConnection = $false Get-VMHost -Server $managedHost.connection | […]


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