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VMware Support toolbar

Richard from VMware provided me with this link to a nice helpful toolbar for FF/IE. This toolbar gives you instant access to documentation, patches, live peer to peer chat and more. Special thanks to Richard! :-)

HP Proxmox Virtualisation

Update about Proxmox

My HP Dl115 G5 is now running Proxmox VE. My first impression is that this is a quite good virtualisation plattform. I have created some virtual machines (OpenVZ using the templates and KVM using a Ubuntu 10.04 iso) which was really easy! In the next days I’m going to run some tests with different configurations. […]

Proxmox Virtualisation

Proxmox VE

Today I found the following link Proxmox. In the next days I’m going to install my HP ML115 G5 with Proxmox VE.

ESXi PowerShell Scripts VMware vSphere

Some helpfull PowerShell functions (working with 60 days trail license)

Variables: $ServerIP = “YourESXiServerIP” $SysLog = “YourSyslogServerIP” Configure Syslog server using Powershell function syslog { $VMHost = Get-VMHost -Name $ServerIP Set-VMHostSysLogServer -VMHost $VMHost -SysLogServer $SysLog -SysLogServerPort 514 } Configure NTP server and restart NTP service function set-ntp{ $vmHost = Get-VMHost -Name $ServerIP Add-VMHostNtpServer -VMHost $VMHost -NtpServer YourNTPserver1 Add-VMHostNtpServer -VMHost $VMHost -NtpServer YourNTPserver1 Get-VmHostService -VMHost $VMHost […]

ESXi HP PowerShell Scripts VMware vSphere

we got our first HP DL380G6

Today we got our first HP DL380G6 server with 2x 2,8GHz Intel Nehalem, 72GB RAM and 2x 146GB Disks. I have successfully installed VMware ESXi 4 on this box. After this I have started the configuration. In the next days I’m going to run some test on this box and hopefully get the 2nd HP […]


new Tool Putty Connection Manager

I found a cool tool to run multiple putty instances in 1 window and this tool is able to send 1 command to all open sessions. Putty Connection Manager

Cloud Eucalyptus Ubuntu

Trying Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud

trying Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud on a Virtual Machine (Cloud Controller, Walrus, Storage Controller) and a SUN Blade (Node Controller) * Setup done * register Node on Cloud Controller * download a Virtual Machine image * try to start the Virtual Machine –> no success got always the message “pending” * got some strange Error messages […]


My new Logo :-)

Special thanks to Chris!!! :-)


Nothing done on the weekend :-(

I was sick at the weekend … currently I regenerate from a flu and a Tinitus which I got last week :-( hopefully I can start with the cloud setup mid of this week.

Cloud Eucalyptus Ubuntu

Setup a Ubuntu Eucalyptus Cloud

I’m going to setup a Eucalyptus cloud on my HP ML115 G5. I have installed a additional 160GB S-ATA harddisk. Plan/Idea: * install Ubuntu 9.10 with Eucalyptus Node Controller on ML115 * install Ubuntu 9.10 in a Virtual Machine on my laptop or MacMini including Eucalyptus (Cloud Controller, Walrus etc) * download an install 1 […]