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VMware ESXi HA agent failed

If you force problems with reconfigure HA on a ESXi server in a HA Cluster. A possible solution to resolve this is to uninstall the vpxa and the ha-agent. This can be done using the unsupported mode. Steps: * set ESXi in Maintenance Mode * disconnnect ESXi from Virtual Center * remove ESXi from Virtual […]

CentOS Software Management

OpenSource RedHat Satellite Server – Spacewalk

I found this software during my search for a management solution for a virtual appliance farm running hundreds of CentOS based virtual machines. As CentOS is binary compatible to RedHat it makes sense to use a RedHat satellite server equivalent for software management. Spacewalk is an open source (GPLv2) Linux systems management solution. It is […]

Proxmox Virtualisation

Proxmox VE 1.6 released

A new version of the open source virtualization software Proxmox VE was released! Change log: * New 2.6.32 kernel including OpenVZ support, based on latest Debian Squeeze Kernel * Removed KSM (OpenVZ does not support KSM) * DRBD tools: update to drbd 8.3.7 * New KVM user-space tools (0.12.5) * New OpenVZ user-space tools (vzctl […]


long time no post …

I’m still busy @work. We are working on 3 new virtual environments. Therefore I have no time for my side but I will start to post new interessting things asap :-) New Powershell code snippets, ideas about a control instance using Powershell, Apache and PHP for VMware and Bugs in VMware vSphere …

PowerShell Scripts

Count VMs ToolsOK | ToolsOld | ToolsNotInstalled

Connect-VIServer -server VCSERVER -User USER -Password PASSWORD $vms = Get-VM | Sort Name $on = 0 $toolsOk = 0 $toolsOld = 0 $toolsNotInstalled = 0 foreach ($vm in $vms){ if ($vm.PowerState -like “PoweredOn”){ $vmview = $vm | Get-View $toolsstatus = $vmview.Guest.ToolsStatus $toolsrunningstatus = $vmview.Guest.ToolsRunningStatus $toolsversionstatus = $vmview.Guest.ToolsVersionStatus $on = $on+1 if ($toolsstatus -like “toolsOk”){ $toolsOk […]

ESXi HP PSOD Virtualisation VMware vSphere

Root cause for our PSOD – VRAM settings

We found the root cause for our PSOD. VMs with a VRAM setting higher then 30MB. VMware KB: 1011971 Workaround: – find all virtual machines with VRAM settings higher then 30MB – shutdown these VMs and reconfigure the VRAM settings (

ESXi PowerShell Scripts Virtualisation VMware vSphere

Find VMs with Video Card Memory higher than 30MB

Connect-VIServer -server VCENTER -User USER -Password PASSWORD $vms = Get-VM foreach ($vm in $vms) { $vmview = $vm | Get-View foreach ($device in $vmview.config.hardware.device) { if ($device.Key -eq 500){ $test = $device.DeviceInfo.Summary $result = $device.videoRamSizeInKB if ($result -cgt 30000){ $mb = $result/1024 Write-Host $vm $result $mb } } } } Write-Host “Done”

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VMware vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) tutorial

I found the following side about the vCO. They have created a very good tutorial to create a simple self service workflow. I’m going to setup a vCO in the next days. After this I will create a self service workflow to request virtual reverse proxy appliances.

PowerShell Tools

New Version of vEcoShell released

There is a new release of the powerful vEcoshell available. vEcoShell

ESXi HP VMware vSphere

VMware ESXi 3.5 238493 PSOD on AMD Opteron 8356

We have a major incident in our vSphere Environment on 2 ESXi server running ESXi 3.5 Patch 238493. These servers are HP Dl585 G5 with 4x Quad Core AMD Opteron 8356 and 64 GB Memory. Everytime VM’s getting migrated to this server using VMotion and DRS the server crashed. I have opened a Support Request […]