Documentation ESXi Storage Troubleshooting VMware vSphere


VMware has released a new White paper about ESXi IP storage troubleshooting. In this paper, we: • Describe how you can analyze packet traces to identify functional and performance issues in an ESX IP storage environment. • Compare packet capture alternatives, and explain why we recommend an inline optical network tap connected to a packet […]

ESXi Troubleshooting Virtualisation VMware

ESXi show details about ramdisk usage

The command below will let you check the space that is free on the host for each of the ramdisk mount points. It also shows you the usage of inodes per ramdisk. system visorfs ramdisk list List the RAM disks used by the host. ~ # esxcli system visorfs ramdisk list Ramdisk Name System Include […]

ESXi Troubleshooting VMware vSphere

NetApp NFS APD issues – reduction of MaxQueueDepth

If you face APD’s in your environment you can follow the KB below to possible improve the situation. When using NFS datastores on some NetApp NFS filer models on an ESXi/ESX host, you experience these symptoms: * The NFS datastores appear to be unavailable (grayed out) in vCenter Server, or when accessed through […]