Why I don’t post new things …

I got the possibility to take over a new role in my company. My old role was Application Manager responsible for cloud like services. Now I become Cloud Solution Manager responsible for the Orchestration Team and a Cloud Management Workstream. I’m completely focused on our internal cloud solution called Vodafone Plex.

It’s a very interesting challenge for me as I’m coming from the operations area and now moving into the management.

Will post more about cloud management and Openstack.

Long time … no post … I’m to busy at work

It’s now a while that I have posted something new on my page :-( but currently I’m extremely busy at work. Setting up multiple new environments based on new / different hardware and in multiple data centre area’s. This is quite interesting because all environments will work together even if they don’t have direct connections between the vCenters/ESXi servers. So hopefully everything will work as I have it in my mind :-D

What else is going on … hmm yeah I’m preparing myself for my first VCP exam. So I plan to do the VCP5 exam within the next weeks or months depending on my spare time. As preparation I bought the VMware Press VCP5 certification guide. For someone without deeper VMware knowledge this is a really helpful book. For myself with multiple years of VMware experiences in small production environment with nearly 50 ESXi servers and around 1400 virtual machines / appliances it is more a way to verify my knowledge.

So fingers crossed that I will have enough spare time to proceed with my preparation and to get the VCP5 exam passed quite soon.

long time no post … :-(

I’m very busy at work as we are currently in major reorganisation. Personal for myself everything has changed. I’m now in a new department including a new boss and new responsibilities. But now everything settles and I have time for new stuff like my preparation for the VCP 5 exam. :-)

As preparation I have upgraded my Homelab completely to vSphere 5. Both Microserver and the ML115 G5 are running ESXi 5 with the latest patches. The vCenter is running as virtual machine located on the ML115 G5 as this box has much more power than the Microservers. Next step is setup of a shared storage as this is still missing in my homelab and the VDR for backups.

Hopefully I’m able to finalize these things asap.

Virtual appliances

I tried a lot of “appliance” but the most of them are not appliance. Always the same stuff, they virtualize a server and call it virtual appliance. There is no menu to configure the network and so on. Just an virtual machine with an full OS and an application.
A real virtual appliance has an OS called JeOS (Just enough operating system). There are some JeOS available, for example Ubuntu JeOS or Suse Enterprise JeOS. Next point is an console menu to be able to configure the network in an easy way. The last feature would be an web interface which provides functionalities to start/stop, backup, update processes and the whole appliance.

A very good example for real virtual appliances is Turnkeylinux. The have a lot of different appliances in there portfolio and the best is that they are free.

If you have experiences with virtual appliances like Turnkeylinux, please do not hesitate to write some words as comment.


VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0] training

I will be on an VMware training next week. :-)

Course Description:

This hands-on training course explores installation, configuration, and management of
VMware vSphereâ„¢, which consists of ESXi and vCenter Server. The course is based
on ESXi 5.0 and vCenter Server 5.0. Completion of this course satisfies the prerequisite for
taking the VMware Certified Professional 5 exam.

long time no post …

I’m still busy @work. We are working on 3 new virtual environments. Therefore I have no time for my side but I will start to post new interessting things asap :-) New Powershell code snippets, ideas about a control instance using Powershell, Apache and PHP for VMware and Bugs in VMware vSphere …