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VMware Cloud on AWS: New Course about How to Deploy and Manage

Found this new VMware training course about How to Deploy and Manage VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy and Manage Overview: This three-day course teaches you skills for deploying and managing a VMware Cloud™ on AWS infrastructure. Through a mix of 85% lecture and 15% hands-on labs, you deploy and manage the […]

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Free ebook – Cloud Management For Dummies

Content of the ebook: Companies in all industries are responding to new opportunities to leverage big data and mobility to improve service and increase productivity. For IT teams, the switch to digitally driven business has big implications. Download this book to learn how to meet these cloud-driven challenges, including: Lifecycle management from deployment to maintenance […]

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Can private cloud be cheaper than public cloud?

That’s an very interesting question which has been researched by a company called 451 RESEARCH.The outcome you will find in the following paper VMware Paper – Can private cloud be cheaper than public cloud. What is your point of view, please post your answer in the comments.

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Technical White Paper – Deploying Cloud-Native Applications with Photon OS

VMware has released a new technical white paper about deploying cloud native apps with photon os.

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Update 2: So what has changed … I joined VMware

Some of you might have noticed, there was a countdown on my website. So what has happened … I have decided that it was time to move on to new challenges. So I quit my job at Vodafone after nearly 15 years and joined VMware at the 1st of April 2016 as Senior Technical Support […]

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VMware vSphere 6 available

Today VMware released the new VMware vSphere 6. I was running the Beta for a long time and I must say it was working very good. VMware vSphere 6 VMware vSphere 6 Whats New The release of vSphere 6 is already exciting but there is one additional extrem cool new product from VMware called VIO […]

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HTML5 Client for SSH, VNC and RDP

If you run machines in a cloud or in a restriced environment where direct ssh is a security risk it could be a good way forward to use a HTML5 based solution. Guacamole is such an solution. It is a clientless remote access system. It is just required to install Tomcat to run the web […]

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Openstack with VMware vCenter

Last week I started to play around with Openstack in combination with VMware vCenter. I used Devstack as baseline and configured the VMware support. I wasn’t expecting that it will directly work but it did. The configuration is described in the OpenStack Wiki. As environment I used 3 HP Dl360 G7 (2xQuad Core, 96GB Memory, […]

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VMware vSphere 5.1 announced

Yesterday VMware has announced the new VMware vSphere 5.1 with multiple cool new features. Feature list from the Whats New VMware 51 Platform Technical Whitepaper.pdf VMware vSphere 5.1 introduces many new features and enhancements that further extend the core capabilities of the vSphere platform. The core platform enhancements in vSphere 5.1 include the following: • […]

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1st information about the new upcoming vSphere 5

VMware released the 1st information about the new upcoming vSphere5 including an new license model. vSphere 5 Overview vSphere 5 Pricing A full review of vSphere 5 will follow later as I’m currently very busy with our vSphere 4.1 environment and the development of an fully automated management/support system.