VMware Skyline: Log Assist and Log Assist Auto Approve Requests

What is VMware Skyline Log Assist?

`Skyline Log Assist streamlines the transferring of a support log bundle to VMware Global Support Services (GSS) for the purposes of troubleshooting an open Support Request (SR).

Skyline Log Assist streamlines the process of manually gathering and uploading a support log bundle used by VMware Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) to help solve customer technical issues. Additionally, VMware TSEs can request the a support log bundle that is needed to assist with troubleshooting. The customer approves the request in Skyline Advisor and the requested log bundle is automatically uploaded to VMware Global Support Services (GSS).`

What is VMware Skyline Log Assist Auto Approve?

Skyline Log Assist Auto Approve allows you to bypass approving log transfer requests made by a VMware Global Support Services (GSS) Technical Support Engineer (TSE).

How to enable VMware Skyline Log Assist Auto Approve.

Login to https://skyline.vmware.com/advisor with your account and go to the Log Assist tab.

Now go to the Log Transfer Requests

Here you can enable Auto Approve Log Requests

Attention: Auto Approve applies only to your account it does not apply to the complete Skyline Organization or other Accounts in your Skyline Organization.

Source of Log Assist description: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Skyline/services/getting-started/GUID-FBC23454-B2A4-4959-A7BB-4C6E8AD51D10.html
Source of Log Assist Auto Approve description: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Skyline/services/getting-started/GUID-973D224B-18FD-416E-A6A8-A483B14B19EA.html