Long time … no post … I’m to busy at work

It’s now a while that I have posted something new on my page 🙁 but currently I’m extremely busy at work. Setting up multiple new environments based on new / different hardware and in multiple data centre area’s. This is quite interesting because all environments will work together even if they don’t have direct connections between the vCenters/ESXi servers. So hopefully everything will work as I have it in my mind 😀

What else is going on … hmm yeah I’m preparing myself for my first VCP exam. So I plan to do the VCP5 exam within the next weeks or months depending on my spare time. As preparation I bought the VMware Press VCP5 certification guide. For someone without deeper VMware knowledge this is a really helpful book. For myself with multiple years of VMware experiences in small production environment with nearly 50 ESXi servers and around 1400 virtual machines / appliances it is more a way to verify my knowledge.

So fingers crossed that I will have enough spare time to proceed with my preparation and to get the VCP5 exam passed quite soon.