Save licenses costs for vSphere Webclient

Normally you install the vSphere Webclient on an additional windows server to separate it from the vCenter. This results in one additional Windows license (Server or 7 both possible).

But wait why should I do this if there is the vCenter Appliance from VMware which contains the Webclient running on Linux? So I tried it I have deployed the vCenter appliance additionally to my normal vCenter. I just configured the SSO to use my existing one and directly after this I was able to login with the Webclient from the vCenter appliance to my vCenter. The vCenter in the appliance is not configured/started and therefore I save additional resources.

Steps to configure:

* Deploy the vCenter appliance OVF
* Start the vCenter appliance
* Configure the network
* Access the management interface https://vCenterAppliance:5480
* Skip the setup assistant
* Go to the SSO tab
* Select “external” as SSO deployment type
* Provide the username and password to register the vCenter/Webclient with the SSO server
* Provide the Account that will be assigned as vCenter administrator (for example: admin@System-Domain)
* Provide the URL: https://SSOSERVER:7444/lookupservice/sdk
* Wait a moment until the system has downloaded the certificate
* Trust the certificate
* Test and Save Settings

That’s it 🙂

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