VMware VSA 5.1

I’m currently playing around with the new VMware VSA 5.1. I have installed it successfully on a standalone vCenter with local users. But on a different vCenter which is using an OpenLDAP as user base the VSA Manager fails to install with the error message “Login failed due to a Bad user or password”.
The reason for that is that the installer tries to log in to the vCenter using the vCentername and the current user (example: vcenter01\administrator). This fails as the vcenter01 is not the correct domain in the SSO. In my case there are just domains valid the standard System-Domain and my OpenLDAP domain. To resolve this you can start the VSA Manager installer using some command line options.

VMware-vsamanager-all-5.1.0-859644.exe /v"VM_SHOWNOAUTH=1"

This will enable the option to enter the vCenter credentials.

With the correct credentials the installation should complete without any errors.

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