First testing results …

I have created some virtual machines on my HP Microserver and with 4 powered on VM’s he is running fine. The only problem is the current installed memory 🙁 I have only 4GB, but this will be changed asap. Furthermore I have ordered the HP Microserver Remote Kit … this is something like an small iLO adapter. Hopefully he will arrive tomorrow or latest Saturday. 🙂 I’m going to write an new Post regarding this adapter, after some time of testing.

Does anyone know a way to get an vSphere 5 license which contains more than 60 days just for my Homelab?

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  1. Hello from France 😉
    I have ordered an N40L which arrived today.
    – where do you install/boot the ESXi ? on/from a hard-disk or do you install on a USB Key? I’m currently search to know how to install ESXi on a USB Key
    – I thought ESXi is free (and that ESXi is paying) but I see on the screen that it’s limited to 60 days ?!?
    Good luck, can’t wait until week-end to have some free time to start some install/tests myself

    1. I have installed the ESXi on the local harddisk. USB stick is possible but I personal do not recommend it. The VMware hypervisor (ESXi) is free.

      Prior to registering for access to both a free license of VMware vSphere Hypervisor and access to VMware Go please ensure the following:

      To ensure your particular server model is supported please check the Hardware Compatibility Guide.
      The license key issued using the Free Download flow cannot be registered on the VMware License Portal.
      This license key does not provide support entitlement. Visit the online store to review and purchase support options.

      After registration you will receive an free licence key.

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