Proxmox VE 1.6 released

A new version of the open source virtualization software Proxmox VE was released!

Change log:

* New 2.6.32 kernel including OpenVZ support, based on latest Debian Squeeze Kernel
* Removed KSM (OpenVZ does not support KSM)
* DRBD tools: update to drbd 8.3.7
* New KVM user-space tools (0.12.5)
* New OpenVZ user-space tools (vzctl 3.0.24)
* vzdump: use ionice to set io priority. By default, we now set “ionice -c2 -n7” to limit io (instead of using a default bwlimit)
* vzrestore: new –force option to overwrite existing data
* dab bug fix: only print a warning for packages installed directly with ‘dpkg’ (when there is no information in ‘available’ list)
* dab: only mount /proc/ if not already mounted (avoid problems with vzctl 3.0.24)
* Bug fixes


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