Build Photon OS appliance using

I found a great article from William Lam about how to build an Photon OS virtual appliance which includes OVF settings for configuration. During my initial tests I faced some issues like the virtual machine network did not connect properly and others. First I had changed the existing scripts to work with the vmware-iso builder which was in the end working but the performance was pretty bad. So I decided to convert the existing template from vmware-iso to vsphere-iso.

The base code is really good an most of it can be re-used. My changes can be found in my fork of his repo.

And here a video of a build run.


Quick tip: How to query CPU microcode revision on a ESXi

SSH to the ESXi host and execute the following command:

vsish -e cat /hardware/cpu/cpuList/0 | grep -i -E 'family|model|stepping|microcode|revision'


[root@esxi:~] vsish -e cat /hardware/cpu/cpuList/0 | grep -i -E 'family|model|stepping|microcode|revision'
Number of microcode updates:1
Original Revision:0x0000001c
Current Revision:0x00000027

From Micro-segmentation to Internal Firewalling

From Micro-segmentation to Internal Firewalling

From Micro-segmentation to Internal Firewalling

The Evolution of VMware NSX Service-defined Firewall Today, many people take micro-segmentation for granted. It’s incredible to recall that just a few years ago, VMware introduced micro-segmentation to support the concept of Zero Trust — a security model that does not automatically trust entities within the security perimeter. Fast forward to the present, and many The post From Micro-segmentation to Internal Firewalling appeared first on Network and Security Virtualization.

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